Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9,2011

What a great Mother's Day I had this weekend and can not thank my husband enough as he provided me with some much needed Amy time. Friday night we had a fire in the backyard with the Sowder's and Jess, Antique shopping with Dawn on Saturday afternoon, dinner with the Albert ladies on Saturday night, and the best Mother's Day to date on Sunday. I am so very Blessed to have a family that loves me. Thank you to all of them for making my day better than I could have ever imagine it could have been.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

So Happy to be a big girl ..
I can not believe that my little princess is in Kindergarten. I feel that it was just last week when I was up with her until 4am bouncing her around the house because she was crying so much.. Where have the years gone? I feel that there was so much that I missed, I know that millions of mothers go to work everyday and put their children in the care of others but when you put your child on the bus for the first time and she has no fear you really come to realize how independent they have become. She is such a big girl so full of life and the energy that I once had, she really is a mini-me. Good luck in Kindergarden Alayna, I know that yo will do great!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quincy turns 1

I can not believe that it has been over a year since that little pumpkin entered our lives. It was 255pm Friday August 15th 2008 when our miracle baby arrived. I was so concernd that he was healthy I hardly enjoyed the first 5 minutes of his life. I can still remember me keep saying .. Is he ok? I soon came to realize that he was perfect and my family was now complete. Here we are a year later and I can not believe how quickly this year has past.

We had Quincy's party this past Saturday because surprise, surprise Daddy has to work on his birthday. The day was perfect and our remodeled bathroom was finished just in time for the big event. Mommy and Daddy got him his own little cake and he certainly went to town on it even though there was several times that Daddy tried to take it away, but as Auntie Tracy said it is a right of passage. I was very proud of Alayna, she was such a big girl and was so happy for her brother that it was his birthday and she even picked out a cute little talking robot for him for his present from her. The weekend was great but I can't help to feel a little sad knowing that with every birthday that passes my babies are getting older and more independent. I love these two monsters so much.